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-Book Review: “Digging into WordPress”

by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr (Self Published, 2009, 400 pages)

image Self published and available in PDF form and as a ‘spiral bound’ book. The two authors really know what they are talking about when it comes to the WordPress blogging program.

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Book Review: “WordPress for Dummies, 2nd Edition”

Cover of "WordPress For Dummies (For Dumm...

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson (Hoboken,NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2009, 394 pages)

Second Edition is quite an improvement over the already excellent original. It is the essential book for those using WordPress in publishing a blog. This edition is updated to feature version 2.7+ which reflects the last major program change.

The writer introduces one to the basic WordPress blogging program. Then follows with a section covering the WordPress hosted service, next a section on how to set up a ’self-hosted’ blog with the program, and finally, a chapter covering the WordPress MU program used in setting up and hosting entire blogging communities.

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Book Review: "Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read"

image By Scott McNulty (Berkeley,Calif: Peachpit Press, 2009, 263 pages)

This is a great book for those starting out with WordPress. McNulty goes into detail on every facet of properly setting up a new WordPress blog. It has lots of illustrations to demonstrate every step. A real find for any beginner–wish this book was around 3 years ago when I set up my first blog, it sure would have been helpful and a real time saver.

The author does an exceptional job at explaining everything and making it all rather simple to understand. Valuable for bloggers but especially for users–if you don’t know the difference, McNulty will explain it to you. <<Read the Rest on the Main Blog>>


Using WordPress in Church Websites

 image Cory Miller at Church Communications Pro has an entire series on how to adapt and use WordPress to create and run a church website. Another comprehensive and valuable tutorial from CCP for the Christian community.

Also, Churchblogger has a good related post on the same subject- “Creating wordpress church websites“.

Using WordPress could be a possible answer for many churches who don’t have the funds to pay for a professional website and yet want a great looking functional web presence. Also, WordPress doesn’t require a teckie to monitor or make changes.            *Top