Getting Started: With -An Evaluation

image There are a number of very good reasons to use

1. The Cost: 0, zip, nada.

2. It is fast and easy. Using the basic default settings you can get started in 30-40 minutes. If you are particular like me and you want to view a bunch of theme possibilities, it could take an hour or so. It took me 1hr 20 minutes to set up this site the way that it is.

I tried to simulate what it would be like if I knew nothing at all and kept referring to the Word Press Help site. Last year when I got started it did take me nearly 2 hrs. to set up my first WordPress site.

3. It has most of the important features that the pay sites have. WordPress has way more tools and settings than Blogger. There 58 themes available, nearly all look far more professional than the basic Blogger sites.

4. Public or Private blog? You can choose to publish a public site which can and will be viewed internationally. Or you can produce a site that is Private -accessible only by those you choose–or maybe a small group ( like: Church staff, Bible Study, Youth Group, Missionary Org. & etc.). Better Yet, you can choose to publish a public site with some pages or articles designated for the private use by your org. or group.

5. WordPress is a major blog host so there is virtually no possibility that this host will quit or go out of business. Also the tech. support is built in.

6. The WordPress program has the possibility of publishing permanent ‘static’ pages. Blogger and other free sites don’t offer this possibility.

Here are a couple of not so good points:

1. WordPress owns the domain you are publishing on so you are always somewhat limited in what you can do with the site. You can however get your own domain address and point it at your WordPress address to give yourself and your users an easier to remember URL (domain address).

2. WordPress does own the domain so if you decide to move your blog to another host, you will lose your blog address, links, and much of your traffic. You can move your files to another address and republish, but you will need to maintain your old WordPress site in order to direct visitors to your new location and maintain the links to all your old posts.

3. WordPress is one of the more difficult programs to post pictures on. It does have an option for Flickr which is supposed to make it easier.

Nevertheless, WordPress is an advanced blogging program that is easy to use and far superior than other ‘free’ blogging platforms. It could be utilized by a large variety of different groups, ministries, and churches or even host a stand alone internet blogging ministry. Plus you can’t beat the price.

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